Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Keep them coming

Well this is the time of year when all that hard work is meant to become worth it and after a allotment lunch of tomatoes and cauliflower and stilton soup I'm saying yes. That was tast y!

So as you maybe able to tell I am managing to maintain a good level of enthusiasm apart from the usual pains like shot cabbages and cauliflowers and the ever encroucing docs in the bottom corner.

One of my great delights at the moment is the profusion of tomatoes. The big dose of green ones that were there a few weeks ago have started to ripen. All the seemingly harsh cutting back of leaves, side shoots and growing tips seems to have really paid off. Or maybe it was the resident frog I had for a few days dealing with the slugs and beasties!

Below I have posted some photos of some of the things that are looking good at the moment.


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