Wednesday, August 31, 2005

That's a wrap

So thanks guys (Vishal, Vyishnu, Deepak and John) , or maybe I should hold off until I see the program which I believe is be aired tomorrow on NVTV. I will have to admit its a wee bit exciting. So for anyone in the belfast area tune in to 799.27 for a bit of quality viewing!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It makes me happy

Keep them coming

Well this is the time of year when all that hard work is meant to become worth it and after a allotment lunch of tomatoes and cauliflower and stilton soup I'm saying yes. That was tast y!

So as you maybe able to tell I am managing to maintain a good level of enthusiasm apart from the usual pains like shot cabbages and cauliflowers and the ever encroucing docs in the bottom corner.

One of my great delights at the moment is the profusion of tomatoes. The big dose of green ones that were there a few weeks ago have started to ripen. All the seemingly harsh cutting back of leaves, side shoots and growing tips seems to have really paid off. Or maybe it was the resident frog I had for a few days dealing with the slugs and beasties!

Below I have posted some photos of some of the things that are looking good at the moment.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

15 Minutes of Fame

Was that Warhol who said everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. Well I took one step closer to that statement today with my big interview for NVTV. Well maybe, not but it was a lot of fun and the guys who were doing it were very professional.

So will have to see what happens there and will get a few photos and details up on the blog.

As far as the allotment is concerned things have been progressing quite well this last few months. The big successes have been the peas, strawberries, potatoes and cauliflower, with the French beans being a bit too successful.

The cabbage has shot, maybe due to the dry weather, the broad beans look a bit meager. Could be that I didn't nip the central growing bud early on. Not sure. Garlic has rotted a bit in the ground, as have the onions. Don't think I picked them soon enough after the tops died over. Carrots were a disaster. Transplanting them caused them to turn into curly carrots. Although I did manage to prevent the carrot fly this year.

The red cabbage is scarley big and the pumpkins are taking over the plot. And it great to see the broccoli coming on nicely.

Weeds are ever encroaching onto the plot. Need a small petrol strimmer to tidy up the edges.

Again a few photos would by the order of the day.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Moment of Glory

Well looks like i'm not going to have time for this blogging malarky anymore as tomorrw signals the begining of my tv career!

Northern visions
, a local tv company, attainable on 799.27 on terrestiral tv, have asked me for an interview after hearing about my allotment through the blog.

It's quite exciting and I am looking forward to talking a bit about the allotment.

So will keep you posted.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Vista Allotments

Got this link to this great looking website for these rather smart looking private allotments in the castlereagh hills.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Been a while

NO real excuses to offer apart from a few weeks of busy work and a large element of laziness when i comes to the blogging.

But as far as the allotment is going things are coming on a treat. There are always and mixture of joys and dissapointments when one visits the allotment. Things like the french beans look a bit under the weather or the the peas are just not happening, or the stawberries are coming on. Well over the last few months the joys have been outweighting the disappointments which is just what you need to keep the moral up.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Saturday's Shots

Playing with my mind!

Oh that naughty asparagus. It has started teasing me already and its only been planted=ed now for about a month. There are now a number of tempting green spears that look just ready for picking, but alas I have to desist this year. It seems they need a year or two to get the energy up for good spears.

Other excitement on the plot is that I had a day and a half off over the weekend there which allowed me to get all of the reclamation digging that I plan to get done this year finished as I am aware that it would be good to do other things with my life. Quite fancy getting back on the bike again.

Saturday was a mad day with the weather getting all sunny then throwin down these mad hail stones. But dodging the showers Morag and I managed to get a fair bit sorted. Morag got a number of great photos that I will post.

Tuesday night there, I got cauliflower and cabbage under a great poly tunnel from lidl given to me by Adain. Thanks.