Friday, May 13, 2005

Saturday's Shots

Playing with my mind!

Oh that naughty asparagus. It has started teasing me already and its only been planted=ed now for about a month. There are now a number of tempting green spears that look just ready for picking, but alas I have to desist this year. It seems they need a year or two to get the energy up for good spears.

Other excitement on the plot is that I had a day and a half off over the weekend there which allowed me to get all of the reclamation digging that I plan to get done this year finished as I am aware that it would be good to do other things with my life. Quite fancy getting back on the bike again.

Saturday was a mad day with the weather getting all sunny then throwin down these mad hail stones. But dodging the showers Morag and I managed to get a fair bit sorted. Morag got a number of great photos that I will post.

Tuesday night there, I got cauliflower and cabbage under a great poly tunnel from lidl given to me by Adain. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Greenhouse complete and onions and peas in.

The 'warm' cold frame

A few notes

Stuff of note:

Runner beans planted in 75mm pots and paper pots. Last week 27th Apr.
Finished the greenhouse. Hassle involved. Dad cut me some funny sized panes and I improvised with wire clips. Perspex bought from b and q done the curved panels but was annoying to work with.
Painted the great cold frame
Moved most of the seedlings out of the shed into the green house.
Realized the need for good labels that don't fall out as I don't know my aubergine from my peppers now
Finished working though the main soil area with the fork. The large brown square is a bit big looking.
Monday night there, I planted coriander and brocoli. Got home and read in my grow your own vegtables book that brocoli don't respond well to transplanting. The one night I didn't bring the book to the allotment. Dam!
Most of the seedlings are coming on well